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Stone Church

American architect Kendrick Kellogg, one of the first developers of organic architecture in the mid-20th century, designed the Hoshino stone church, built in 1988 in Nagano, Japan. Today, the church is not known outside the country but is used as a very popular wedding place in Japan. Located in a forested area of ​​dense woods, the stone church has a design fiction that seeks to integrate into nature by infiltrating the green.

Instead of being a distinct building, the church offers a pleasant experience for guests passing through it as part of a linear journey on the promenade. Local stones of geography were used to build the groundwork of the building, which can be seen from outside and inside.

The church's domino-like intermittent arches are filled with glass ceiling windows that radiate natural light throughout the day. The interior space is defined by stone, concrete, vegetation and natural light, creates an intense perception of spirituality. Special wooden armatures and specially designed doors that emphasize the interior space, which is marked out with stone materials, add a warm touch to the building.

all images courtesy of mikael olsson | HK productions