Aluminium Honeycomb

Aluminium honeycomb w/fiber skin*
Aluminium honeycomb w/aluminium skin*
  • Suitable for vertical (15+5mm) & horizontal (20+5mm) interior applications
  • 30% of the weight of 2cm marble panel
  • 60 times more impact resistance vs 2cm marble panel
  • 65% reduced installation time)
  • Available in various surface finishes (polished, honed, brushed, sandblasted)
  • Available in extra large panel sizes due to light weight
  • Suitable for use in wet areas
Most Common Applications:
  • Building Construction Industry
  • Yacht Building Industry (Special Honeycomb Material)
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Installation: Two component epoxy based adhesive, mechanical anchoring.
*Silkar reserves the right to supply with one of them depending on the project.
*Floor heating is not recommended.

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